Vet Students

Ray Butler Fund

The Ray Butler Fund allocates funds per year to support exposure to veterinary students to bovine practice.

The Ray Butler Fund has recently contributed to the following activities:

  • $670 to support 18 students attending Dairy Day Field Trip
  • $1,500 to support 11 students Alberta Feedlot Field Trip
  • $1,500 to support 14 students attending an AI clinic in the Saskatoon area
  • $800 to provide pizza lunch for 150 students while hearing the presentation by Dr. Cec Rushkowski
  • $1,000 to support 14 students travelling to Lakeland College to participate in an AI clinic
  • $2,000 to support 12 students travelling to Lakeland College to participate in an AI clinic.
  • $1,000 to assist Dylan Biggs presenting a 'Cattle Handling Clinic' - 26 WCVM students attended.
  • $1,000 to assist Dr. Steve Hendrick in taking 25 members of the WCVM Bovine Club on a tour of Alberta Feedlots, the UCVM, and to meet with private practitioners.

WCABP welcomes your financial support to enable this initiative.

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WCVM Production Animal Health Club

I hope everyone had a fantastic summer and is refreshed! We are all very excited to begin the new school year. There are many new people in the executive list this coming year. The list is below:

President - Joana Bruce
Vice President- Jasmine Paulson
Secretary- Kendra Elliott
Treasurer- Claudia Schlueter
Dairy (Sr rep) - Jasmine Paulson
Dairy (Jr rep) - Sheldon Cousins
Theriology (Sr rep) - Joana Bruce
Theriology (Jr rep) - Haley Schuddemat
Beef (Sr rep) - Zoe Gould
Beef (Jr rep) - Genevieve Harvey
Public relations (Sr rep) - Christine Reinhart
Public relations (Jr rep) - Gracyn Johnson
Aquaculture (Sr rep) - Paige Borrett
Aquaculture (Jr rep) - Hannah Reid
Swine (Sr rep) - Charllie Tyson
Swine (Jr rep) - Kelly Hammond
WCABP/ CABV - Will Lillico
AABP - Chantalle Penner
Small ruminant (Sr rep) - Sydney Spitzer
Small ruminant (Jr rep) - Sasha Ross
Poultry (Sr rep) - Brittany Davis
Poultry (Jr rep) - Kerste Voute

The first-year representative will be elected at our first Club meeting of the year. There are many fun and exciting events going on this year, including some that have happened previous years. Of course, we are planning to do the PAC trip again this year. Battle of the Beasts will occur as well. The dehorning labs will take place throughout the year for students wanting to participate and there will also be various lunch talks happening. There will be lots of very cool and exciting people coming out to give talks this year. If anyone would like to do a presentation, feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are going to be having an awesome year in the PAC!!

Will Lillico
WCABP/CABV Representative 2017-2018


UCVM Production Animal Health Club

Greetings from UCVM,

I am excited to be taking the role of Production Animal Health Club President for the 2017/2018 scholastic year at UCVM. This year’s executive team consists of the following outstanding members:

- Vice President: Rae-Leigh Pederzolli, Class of 2020
- VP Events: Robyn Kennedy, Class of 2019
- VP Jr Events: Julia Case, Class of 2020
And we are excited to welcome our two newest members to the executive team:
- Treasurer: Ryan Morgan, Class of 2020
- Secretary: Brenden Hilgartner, Class of 2020
Ryan and Brenden were elected April 2017. Given their impressive resumes and keen interest in production animals, we look forward to the contributions they will make to the PAH Club.

We sadly said goodbye to 3 of our executives last April: Becky Tees, Carling Matejka, and Erin Kolodziej, who are currently on their fourth-year rotations. Thank you for your hard work in making PAH Club events memorable, and all the best in your last year at UCVM!

Again, we would like to thank WCVM Production Animal Club for their hospitality when we made a field trip out to your year-end banquet last March. We hope to coordinate another get-together between our production animal clubs this scholastic year. Special thanks to the WCABP through the support of the Ray Butler Fund which made this event possible.

This month, four UCVM students accompanied by Dr. Gordon Atkins, will be representing our interest in production animal medicine at the AABP conference in Omaha, Nebraska. We have high hopes to make it past the quarter-finals in Quiz Bowl (where our UCVM team finished last year) and at least into the semi-finals to represent the knowledge of production animals that UCVM has bestowed upon us.

Our Club meeting this month will outline the many events on the horizon, such as our annual pancake breakfast to kick off to the 2017/2018 year! We also aim to coordinate the firearms course for this fall so students can attain their possession and acquisition license at a timely date for hunting season. The election for First Year Representative from the Class of 2021 will also take place this month, and we will be happy to welcome our new club executive.

Our local veterinary and ranching community has recently extended many offers to include our Club in field trips for wetlabs, ride-alongs, and information sessions, to help enrich our learning experience. We have many of these plans in the works and I will be happy to keep you posted as these events unfold for what promises to be a very active year for the Production Animal Health Club!

Alycia Webster