Vet Students

Ray Butler Fund

The Ray Butler Fund allocates funds per year to support exposure to veterinary students to bovine practice.

The Ray Butler Fund has recently contributed to the following activities:

  • $670 to support 18 students attending Dairy Day Field Trip
  • $1,500 to support 11 students Alberta Feedlot Field Trip
  • $1,500 to support 14 students attending an AI clinic in the Saskatoon area
  • $800 to provide pizza lunch for 150 students while hearing the presentation by Dr. Cec Rushkowski
  • $1,000 to support 14 students travelling to Lakeland College to participate in an AI clinic
  • $2,000 to support 12 students travelling to Lakeland College to participate in an AI clinic.
  • $1,000 to assist Dylan Biggs presenting a 'Cattle Handling Clinic' - 26 WCVM students attended.
  • $1,000 to assist Dr. Steve Hendrick in taking 25 members of the WCVM Bovine Club on a tour of Alberta Feedlots, the UCVM, and to meet with private practitioners.

WCABP welcomes your financial support to enable this initiative.

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WCVM Production Animal Health Club

With the semester now in full swing, the Production Animal Club (PAC) has been busy planning events for our members.

I’d like to start off by thanking the WCABP for inviting WCVM students to the 2020 WCABP AGM and Conference. Students in attendance were excited to meet vets from across western Canada and we are excited for the 2021 conference in Saskatoon!

We have been lucky to have a number of speakers in the WCVM. In February, Dr. Kenn Wood of Whitesand Veterinary Clinic presented a seminar on “Bovine Ethology for the Veterinary Practitioner” which touched on handling systems, behavioral observation, and how to avoid cattle wrecks in real life. This year we also added a fish dissection lab to our panel of labs; it was very well attended and will be a great addition in the coming years. Lastly, with calving season approaching, we have just wrapped up our annual Calving Suit and Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation Manual sale.

Members will soon be putting on those suits for our upcoming fetotomy lab, led by Dr. Dadarwal. We will be using cadaver calves to practice malpositions and proper use of fetotomy equipment. We will also be having a viewing of “Guardians of the Grasslands” documentary, followed by a discussion with Ryder Lee, the CEO of Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association on February 25. With sustainability being a major concern for the beef industry, we are very excited to have a viewing and discussion.

In March we will also be putting on another Practitioners Panel. This year we will be joined by Drs. Andy Action, Jeff Bergermann, Jessica Law, Andrea Petruka, and Brittany Wiese. Last year we had a great conversation on the struggles and triumphs of a large animal veterinarian, and we look forward to another great evening of discussion.

With the last quarter of the academic year approaching, we are in the midst of planning the Spring BBQ and the much anticipated 5th annual Battle of the Beasts supper. I will be sure to keep you updated on who cooks up the best “prairie oysters”, but until then I’d like to wish everyone a safe and successful spring calving season.

Marianne Sytnyk
WCABP Representative


UCVM Production Animal Health Club

Hello from the UCVM Production Animal Health Club! My name is Celine DeWit, vice president of the University of Calgary’s PAH club.  I want to give you an update on what we’ve been up to lately.

I and one other student from University of Calgary attended the WCABP conference this year in Calgary.  We were blown away by the interesting topics, engaging speakers, and the chance to network with our future colleagues.  It was also refreshing to get to spend more time talking in depth about relevant topics relating to the dairy and beef industry, which is what we are most interested in after graduation.  Unfortunately, the conference was during a time that the 3rd years were not able to attend due to their class schedule and many of the 1st and 2nd years were out at the Students of the CVMA  conference in  Saskatoon held the same weekend.  Hopefully next year we’ll get more students out!

Our executive was hard at work last semester planning several events for UCVM Students including a month-long hands on lambing experience at Big Hill Sheep farm where students got to experience assisting with lambing, processing lambs and various other on-farm tasks.  We also participated in a joint event with the UCVM Department of Production Animal Health to host Dr. Sylvain Nichols from the University of Montreal for a Bovine Seminar Day with UCVM staff, students and alumni.  This included a day discussing leading edge bovine ultrasound and surgery skills. In early December, we hosted a dinner and learn with Dr. Tye Perrett from Feedlot Health Management Services who discussed the benefits of being a CABV/ACVB member.  He also discussed a feedlot outbreak case with a group of students who have a keen interest in feedlot medicine.

This winter semester, we had several events, including a joint event between 7 UCVM clubs: our second annual Welfare day.  This year, the PAH club had UCVM alumni, Dr. Teryn Girard discussing poultry and swine welfare, with some examples of some very difficult situations she’s been in regarding animal welfare and how she worked through those difficult decisions.  We also had a bovine embryo transfer talk with Dr. Adam Schierman, where we learned about the challenges and benefits of working in that field. We are planning a wet lab and lecture on small ruminant theriogenology with Dr. Lynn Tait with OC Flock Management, and Holstein Canada will be sending someone to do a lecture on Dairy Health and Genomics. 

I would like to thank all the speakers who have presented and who will present for UCVM students in the future.  We truly appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience to all the students.

I would like to finish by thanking the WCABP community for all their support.  Without you all we could not successfully host many of these events. 

Thank you,

Celine DeWit
Vice-President, PAH Club