Vet Students

Ray Butler Fund

The Ray Butler Fund allocates funds per year to support exposure to veterinary students to bovine practice.

The Ray Butler Fund has recently contributed to the following activities:

  • $670 to support 18 students attending Dairy Day Field Trip
  • $1,500 to support 11 students Alberta Feedlot Field Trip
  • $1,500 to support 14 students attending an AI clinic in the Saskatoon area
  • $800 to provide pizza lunch for 150 students while hearing the presentation by Dr. Cec Rushkowski
  • $1,000 to support 14 students travelling to Lakeland College to participate in an AI clinic
  • $2,000 to support 12 students travelling to Lakeland College to participate in an AI clinic.
  • $1,000 to assist Dylan Biggs presenting a 'Cattle Handling Clinic' - 26 WCVM students attended.
  • $1,000 to assist Dr. Steve Hendrick in taking 25 members of the WCVM Bovine Club on a tour of Alberta Feedlots, the UCVM, and to meet with private practitioners.

WCABP welcomes your financial support to enable this initiative.

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WCVM Production Animal Health Club

I hope everyone is enjoying preg checking season! Hopefully you are staying warm. The Production Animal Club has been busy lately with quite a few things going on. We have had a few different and exciting labs including dehorning of dairy calves, alpaca handling and low stress cattle handling! The annual PAC BBQ in October was a success, and everyone loved the food and had a great time!
The most exciting thing that has happened though is the annual PAC trip! The most anticipated event of the year and the highlight of being a part of this amazing club. A massive thank you to the WCABP and the Ray Butler Fund for supporting this trip as we could not do it without you so again, thank you so very much. We were able to go to the Canadian Western Agribition this year at the end of November. This provided students with an incredible opportunity to learn more about agriculture and the show animal side of it. There is great networking at the event and exciting education and plenty of fun and cool activities as well.
There are many new people in the executive list this coming year. The list is below:

President - Ross Grayson
Vice President- Will Lilllico
Secretary/Treasurer Sr. - Claudia Schlueter
Secretary/Treasurer Jr. - Lindsey Monea
Dairy (Sr rep) - Sheldon Cousins
Dairy (Jr rep) - Kaitlyn Crocker
Theriology (Sr rep) - Haley Schuddemat
Theriology (Jr rep) - Maddy Knodel
Beef (Sr rep) - Genevieve Harvey
Beef (Jr rep) - Courtney Orsen
Public relations (Sr rep) - Gracyn Johnson
Public relations (Jr rep) - Heather Wadell
Aquatics (Sr rep) - Hannah Reid
Aquatics (Jr rep) - Gabrielle Achtymichuk
Swine (Sr rep) - Kelly Hammond
Swine (Jr rep) - Nicole Crossman
WCABP/ CABV - Will Lillico
AABP - Rhiannon Beatty
Small ruminant (Sr rep) - Sasha Ross
Small ruminant (Jr rep) - Willow Burnes
Poultry (Sr rep) - Kerste Voute
Poultry (Jr rep) - Anna Henderson

That is all for now but there will be more coming up in the New Year! Have a great end to 2018 everyone!

Will Lillico
WCABP/CABV Representative 2018-2019


UCVM Production Animal Health Club

Greetings from UCVM,

The first semester of this school year has been very busy for the Production Animal Health Club at UCVM. I am excited to introduce our new executive members that were selected this fall. Congratulations to them both for joining the UCVM PAH Executive!
      Junior Events Representative: Antha Dietrich-Henderson (Class of 2021)
      First Year Representative: Celine DeWit (Class of 2022)
In terms of events, we started off by co-hosting a Camelid Handling Seminar with the UCVM Behaviour and Training Club. This was delivered by internationally recognized camelid handling specialist, Marty McGee Bennett with CAMELIDynamics. We received a presentation in the classroom and then practiced the new techniques on our own UCVM alpaca herd. Next up was a Seminar Evening we hosted for our members with numerous bovine practitioners from our own faculty in October. This was a fun evening of working up unique cases while enjoying a meal during a presentation from Dr. Tim Olchowy about his time working overseas as a dairy veterinarian in Australia and New Zealand. We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the students so plan to organize another session next semester. For fundraising, we held our annual Farmers Breakfast, which is a morning looked forward to by all students and staff. We also have a few executive members organizing another clothing order for our students this year and that should wrap us up for the fall semester. There are a few things in the works for the winter semester including the WCABP conference, UCVM Welfare Day, lambing season experience, the annual PAL course, and our annual wheelbarrow fundraiser. It should be an exciting start to 2019!
For those of you who are unfamiliar with our exec, here is a sneak peek of who we are.

President, Class of 2020 - Rae-Leigh Pederzolli - Rae-Leigh grew up on a cow calf and grain operation outside of Medicine Hat, AB. She was part of the Cattlemen’s Young Leaders Program in 2014 and was a Member at Large on the Young Cattlemen’s Council 2015. Rae-Leigh received an MSc from the U of S with Dr. Greg Penner in ruminant nutritional physiology before joining UCVM. Outside of academics, she keeps busy with ranching, horses, and crossfit.

Vice President, Class of 2021 - Tamara Michalyk - Tamara grew up on a small beef cow-calf farm near Bonnyville, AB. She attended the University of Alberta where she worked towards her BSc in Animal Health. She tries to find work-school-life balance by skiing in the mountains and participating in gymkhanas and 4-H. After school, Tamara plans to return to northern Alberta to work as a rural mixed animal practitioner.

Secretary, Class of 2020 - Brenden Hilgartner - Brenden grew up on a mixed grain and beef farm in central Alberta. He has a passion for all animals but is particularly partial to cattle. Brenden is looking forward to another great year for the club as they spark student interest toward production animals.

Treasurer, Class of 2020 - Ryan Morgan - Ryan studied environmental biology at UBC and completed an honours program in stress physiology (zoology) at U of C before joining UCVM. Outside of vet school, he serves part-time in the army with the King’s Own Calgary Regiment as an armour reconnaissance officer.

Senior Events Representative, Class of 2020 - Julia Case - Julia was born in rural Newfoundland before relocating to the big city environment in Alberta where she earned a BSc in Animal Behaviour from the University of Lethbridge. After spending some time on cattle ranches at the start of vet school she quickly decided this was her passion and has been working to shadow as many cattle veterinarians for experience as she can. After graduation, her goal is work in rural cattle or mixed practice.

Junior Events Representative, Class of 2021 - Antha Dietrich-Henderson - Antha grew up right here in Calgary. Before attending UCVM she was working towards a BSc in Animal Health at the University of Alberta. It was at there that Antha discovered her love for agriculture and dairy cattle. She hopes to finally leave the city after graduation to practice in rural Alberta. Outside of school she enjoys watching and occasionally playing hockey, camping, and pilates.

First Year Representative, Class of 2022 - Celine DeWit - Celine grew up outside of Lacombe, AB, and spent several of her summers in the Netherlands on her relatives' dairy farms, which is where she fell in love with dairy cows. After spending a year working on a dairy farm in New Zealand, she got her BSc Agriculture at the University of Alberta before getting into the vet program in Calgary. When she's not studying, she enjoys hiking, horseback riding, and cross-country skiing.

Thanks for the read! We are all looking forward to seeing everyone at WCABP. Until then, Happy Trails and Merry Christmas.

Rae-Leigh Pederzolli