Consider the benefits of a career in large animal veterinary practice. Consider the benefits of a career in large animal veterinary practice.

If you would like to place THINK LARGE pamphlets on display at your clinic, please call or email the WCABP office to obtain copies free-of-charge. The video presentation is available to borrow if you are providing a presentation to perspective veterinary students.


The opportunity: A productive, rewarding, enjoyable career

Work directly with animals
Veterinarians have the personal fulfillment of animal care.

Design innovative herd health plans
Today 's veterinarians work directly with livestock producers to prevent disease and improve productivity.

Work on the frontlines of biosecurity
Canada' s livestock producers and bovine practitioners are the first line of defense in food animal disease control.

Build a safe food supply
Livestock health anchors a safe food supply.

Work in the great outdoors
You get the chance to work in fresh air and sunshine every day.

Choose a rural lifestyle
No traffic jams, wide-open spaces, country living. Exactly what many people wish for.

Help feed the world
Canada 's beef and dairy producers fuel the economy and feed a hungry world

Consider the benefits of a career in large animal veterinary practice.

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Consider a career in large animal veterinary practice A solid, long-term career choice Large animal veterinary practice offers new opportunities every day and every year. And the food industry offers good long-term career potential.

Each day in the field brings new challenges and the opportunity to deal with them as an individual.

There is a long-term benefit to this. Veterinarians will find their science-based education can be applied to many different career options. Those who move on to other aspects of veterinary science -research, government, industry -will find their experience, and the knowledge gained working directly with Canada 's livestock producers, are highly valued.

New "Think Large" program draws students to large animal vet career

Calgary, Alta., Jan. ((XX)), 2003: "Think Large." That's the message behind a new communications program designed to attract students to careers as large animal veterinarians.

"Think Large" is more than just a slogan," says Dr. Bob Ruckman, outgoing President of the Western Canadian Association of Bovine Practitioners (WCABP), which is launching the program. "We want it to be a new way of thinking for students searching for a career. We want to attract the best and the brightest to our industry and we've chosen a fun, light-hearted way to illustrate the potential for real growth and satisfaction in large animal veterinary practice."

Designed to appeal to high school students and early college students, the "Think Large" program features a number of resources. A brochure and video outline the type of work and long-term potential in a career as a large animal veterinarian. A series of feature articles with personal perspectives from veterinarians will soon be available on the WCABP Web . And veterinarians will also have a new PowerPoint presentation to be used in meeting with students and their families.

The role of large animal veterinarians is an increasingly dynamic one in today's fast-changing world of food production, says Ruckman. Veterinarians have an innate love of animals and working with them, but there's much more to this opportunity.

Today's large animal veterinarians focus on health management and disease prevention. They work directly with producers and operation management teams to design innovative herd health plans to improve productivity.

"Veterinarians are also on the frontlines of biosecurity and food safety," says Ruckman. "It gives them the opportunity to work directly with the mainstream of food production. For example, if there's a disease outbreak anywhere in Canada, veterinarians are key players in managing it. And they are directly involved in food quality assurance programs."

There is solid long-term potential in this career. Canada has an excellent reputation worldwide for its food products, and Canadian livestock producers have a major role in feeding the world. That should mean good opportunities long-term for large animal veterinarians.

Perhaps of most value to many young people, says Ruckman, will be the opportunity to work in a rural environment with the personal enjoyment of a rural lifestyle. "Wide-open spaces, fresh air and no traffic jams are something many large animal veterinarians have in their day-to-day work, something many others in society are striving to achieve."

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