Honorary Life Members - 2021

March 31, 2021 Written by WCABP

WCABP's Bylaws indicate that an Honorary Life Membership may be awarded to an individual who is 65 years of age and has made an Outstanding contribution to either the affairs of the Association or veterinary profession. Members nominate a potential recipient by forwarding a letter which outlines the nominee's achievements and why the person is worthy of an Honorary Life membership. This must then be passed by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote at the AGM.

The following deserving individuals have been awarded a WCABP Life Membership:

Dr. Ken Little
Dr. Blaine Pickard
Dr. Rich Vanderwal

Dr. Janice Sopatyk
Dr. Kenn Wood

Dr. Richard Krauss
Dr. Robert Tremblay

Dr. Lavern Clark
Dr. Raymond Peno
Dr. Bill Frischke
Dr. Larry Frischke

Dr. Neil Cory
Dr. Morrey Lehmann
Dr. Robert Ostrander
Dr. Alan Raymond

Dr. Gordon Atkins
Dr. Dave Dempsey
Dr. Pete Knight
Dr. Robert Laing

Dr. Doug Allen

Dr. Albert Barth

Dr. Ron Brandow
Dr. Ray Butler

Dr. Kenneth Cadieux

Dr. Paul Christiansen
Dr. Edward G. Clark
Dr. Ron Clarke
Dr. Ted Dupmeier
Dr. Brian Edge

Dr. M. Joseph Gregory
Dr. Eugene Janzen

Dr. David Lightfoot
Dr. Reuben Mapletoft
Dr. Leonard Martin
Dr. Ed McCall

Dr. Dick Nitschelm
Dr. Lyall Petrie

Dr. Larry Potter
Dr. Dave Pratt
Dr. Otto Radostits

Dr Grant Royan
Dr. Wayne Sereda
Dr. Rodney G. Sydenham
Dr. Sye Van Maanen
Dr. Glenn K. Weir