About The 3rd Edition Of The Bull Breeding Soundness Manual

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The 3rd Edition of the Bull Breeding Soundness Manual, written by Dr. Albert D. Barth, is now available through the WCABP office. As with previous editions, members of the bovine practitioners associations from each region of Canada reviewed the manual prior to publication. The manual was designed as a teaching aid for undergraduate veterinary students and as a reference manual for practicing veterinarians.

The manual pertains to Bos taurus cattle and leans heavily toward application in the beef industry; however, much of it naturally pertains to dairy bulls as well. Over the past 10 years, many suggestions were provided by students and practicing veterinarians for improvements of the previous Edition. In accordance, some changes and additions were made to existing sections and new sections were added, doubling the content of this manual compared to the last edition. Many photographs were added throughout the manual. The section on scrotal circumference was updated after obtaining data from the years 2006 to 2011 from veterinary practitioners across Canada.*

As in the previous manual there is a catalogue of high quality black and white photographs of all of the types of sperm abnormalities and a brief summary of the significance of each type of sperm defect is provided with each photograph. This is followed by a new chapter that reviews the literature on each type of sperm defect. There are new chapters on the pathogenesis of sperm abnormalities, pubertal development, congenital and acquired abnormalities of the genital tract and management of beef bulls. Supporting references are placed at the end of each chapter. We hope that this manual will be a unifying force for bull evaluation for all cattle practitioners and that it will faithfully serve our profession for many years to come.

* Guerra AG, Hendrick S, Barth AD. Increase in average testis size of Canadian beef bulls. Can Vet J 2013; 54:485 – 490.