About the WCABP

WCABP is the voice of over 250 veterinarians specializing in the treatment of dairy and beef cattle in the four western provinces. WCABP provides continuing education for its members and encourages youth to consider a career in bovine practice. WCABP serves as an advocate on issues directly affecting members' scope of practice and provides expert opinion to government, educational institutions, and other related industries on issues affecting the food animal industry.

The Western Canadian Association of Bovine Practitioners was established in 1992.

The following are its objectives:

1. Establish and maintain liaison and consultation with appropriate organizations.

2. To elevate the standards of bovine practice in Western Canada by:

a) Organizing at least one continuing education conference per year, dedicated to dairy and beef cattle practice;

b) Preparing and/or distributing to the membership information that is deemed to be relevant to bovine practice; and

c) Recruit and retain bovine practitioners;

d) Encourage the professional development of each member.

3. Provide information and leadership on issues related to industry sectors and professional associations.

4. Encourage and support research into beef and dairy production.

WCABP produces a quarterly newsletter for the interest and information of its members. A three-day annual conference is held which alternates between Saskatoon and Calgary. One day consists of concurrent beef and dairy sessions, and two days of general scientific programs presented by internationally recognized speakers.

WCABP is active in encouraging students to pursue a career in bovine practice and offers the Ray Butler Fund which allocates funding each year to support exposure to veterinary students to bovine practice.